AML training

Keeping your firm’s AML training up to date is your legal duty. Money laundering regulations require every MLRO to have role-specific training, and set out the MLRO’s responsibility to manage the AML training of all employees.

New starter or experienced professional learning about new legislation, our online AML training is designed for everyone who needs to go from zero to knowledgeable quickly. 

With saved tests at the end of each training module, you can easily show your AML Supervisor that every employee has the anti-money laundering training they need to stay compliant with the latest rules and regulations, dependent on their level. 

Giving your MLRO this single platform to educate your employees will support them to meet their legal obligations and prepare them to act on money laundering risk in the right way.

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AML training videos

Your training begins with a comprehensive overview of the AML landscape today. This training is up to date with regulations and guidance, which makes it an easy win when you need to prove your compliance to your AML Supervisor. 

We’ve developed two professional videos to target different parts of your workforce. The first is for your employees, while the second is an additional anti-money laundering training tool to further prepare your Reporting Officer. 

We also create new smaller AML training videos for every change to anti-money laundering rules and regulations, so you’ll never miss an important update. These appear automatically in your online portal, ready for you to learn. 

Anti-money laundering training tests

For every anti-money laundering training video, we’ve created a test to cement your employees’ learning. The results of these are saved on your AMLCC platform, so that you can always see who has up-to-date training and where knowledge gaps need to be filled. If you ever run into difficulty with your Supervisor over anti-money laundering, this audit trail can prove your continued compliance at the press of a button.

Platform-wide AML training

On top of the formal training videos, we’ve built learning into every part of the AMLCC platform. For each firm and client risk assessment question, we’ve added guidance and ways to mitigate risk. So if anything’s flagged as  high risk, you’re automatically shown why and what you can do to reduce that risk. You and your employees can add your comments by each question, to show your understanding of that risk. 

These features were created at the request of Supervisors, so they can be easily assured that each firm has the knowledge and understanding to effectively monitor and report risk.  

If you’d like to speak to someone about how AMLCC could benefit your firm, please call us on 01455 555468 or request a call back

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