AML document storage and management

Think of our AML document storage and management feature as your virtual filing cabinet for any document that relates to your clients. Keeping your documents online with AMLCC gives you two advantages. 

It’s secure.

Unlike the physical filing cabinet in your office, the files you store on the ALMCC platform cannot be accessed by anyone else. This significantly reduces the risk of your AML document and storage management system being compromised. You can also safely store the results of biometric ID verification and client identity validation purchased through AMLCC.

It’s easy to access.

You can upload any document relating to your clients onto the AMLCC platform. When you need to reference it, it’s at your fingertips almost instantly. No more digging through paperwork.

Secure AML document storage and management

Data security has always been paramount to your firm’s anti-money laundering compliance. Even more so since HMRC’s 2020 updates to the Money Laundering Regulations, which require wider due diligence and the use of electronic verification for any client identification where possible. 

AMLCC can do a variety of checks on every client’s ID, proof of address and other relevant documents to get validation of your client’s existence. While our biometric ID checks use multi-point recognition to confirm your client is who they say they are. 

Once verified, these documents are stored securely online. Which means there’s no risk of software failure or computer error affecting your AML document storage and management.

Every document you need in one place.

When it comes to ID, business account statements, invoices, proof of payment or any other document related to your client, the secure anti-money laundering document storage and management system keeps it attached to their profile. 

The next time you need to find one of these documents, it’s right there for you. This system reduces the risk of damage or loss of documentation. If you ever need to produce a complete copy of a client’s files for your AML Supervisor, including their verified ID, it’s all securely stored in one central place that’s immediately accessible. 

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